Velkommen til North Ship



Release: Fredag d. 11. oktober 2013 som download
Pladeselskabet Melodika / melo 013 / Target Distribution
North Ship er et nyt internationalt orkester med base i København. Om bandet og deres debutalbum, Murder River, skriver North Ships sanger og guitarist, den engelske sangskriver Thomas Golzen: ”North Ship is a new group from Copenhagen, Denmark. When we got together about a year ago we wanted to make classic lyric-based music that didn’t fit in.
It’s not (quite) as nonsensical as it sounds. North Ship is deeply inspired by the English lyrical tradition in songwriting. Artists like Lou Reed, Blur, The Jam, Nick Cave, The Streets use lyrics in a particular way. It’s a very direct, economical language that creates an incredibly strong inner picture in the listener, both visually and emotionally.
Of course all music creates some kind of mood. But for North Ship, creating a mood that the listener can get lost in is the primary goal. So what’s the problem about fitting in? “Fitting in” generally involves a genre. But with recognisable genre comes a whole book of attitudes, visual expression (what clothes you can wear, how you look on stage etc.) and musical conventions. North Ship try to step outside all that while still keeping faith with the traditions of classic songwriting. It’s all about communication, really. It’s hard to convey a mood if the listener first has to get to grips with the medium in which it’s presented.
The first step for North Ship was to work without any drums or percussion. Men in wigs managed without them for several hundred years and they wrote some pretty good tunes. Double bass, yes. Especially when it’s played with a bow together with a cello. There’s one of those as well. Guitar because it’s such a part of our culture and it sounds brilliant in the right hands. And lots of vocals: lead and two harmonies. Mix that all together and you get a debut album to be proud of.”
Murder River er indspillet og mixet i My Room Studio i København af producer og lydtekniker Thomas Li.

North Ship PR-foto 2013

North Ship: Thomas Golzen: vokal, guitar; Signe Haupt: kor; Nadja Thorbek Uldall: kor; Ryuei Sasaki: cello; Asger Baagøe: kontrabas + live: Klaus Mandal Hansen: guitar.

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